Raytec Vision – Ingenuity

Raytec Vision – Ingenuity

The only double-vision grader for high capacity sorting

Raytec Ingenuity double vision sorting and grading machine

Now you can move your sorting and inspection teams to jobs that actually produce.

– Gianluca Simonelli, Managing Director – Raytec

The Raytec INGENUITY is a double-vision sensor sorter. It is equipped with Visible Color and NIR technology (Near Infra Red). The system can detect organic or inorganic foreign bodies (including completely black), rotten products, and color defects in potatoes, onions, carrots, apples, and beets at speeds up to 80 tons per hour!

Ingenuity is ideal for sorting…

Washed and Unwashed Potatoes

Red, White, and Yellow Onions

Carrots and Apples


Thanks to 100 channels of vision, INGENUITY allows a capacity up to 80 t/h, for a large agricultural and industrial production.

The machine is available in a 2-WAY configuration and the ejection system is by mechanical fingers in a special high-resistance and anti-abrasion material.


  • LED pulsed light with photodiode array
  • 4mm x 4mm resolution
  • Free fall vision – Single and dual sides
  • 2-way / 3-way sorts
  • Finger or air nozzle ejection
  • Ingenuity Brochure

If you have even the slightest interest in improving your grading and sorting process, Josh Creedon from Raytec’s USA based team would love a brief chat with you!

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