An Innovative end-of-line solution for businesses in the fresh produce industry, MARCO’s TrayMaster has been designed to automate the last stage of the packing process. TrayMaster increases the efficiency of the tray packing procedure whilst reducing the amount of labour needed on the line. Feedback from our customers across the globe shows us that many businesses struggle to employ their regular skilled/experienced workers. By automating the final packing process, TrayMaster can quickly and simply reduce labour requirements and the associated costs resulting in a healthy return on investment.

MARCO’s TrayMaster has been designed to automate the end-of-line packing process by automatically locating punnets or clamshells on the line and placing them into the required tray, ensuring consistent and uniform packing ready for transport. Empty trays are driven into place using smart rollers ready for the product to be placed inside. TrayMaster can be adapted to suit specific punnets/clamshells and trays with the process capability of 20 cycles per minute. Customers with existing MARCO solutions can have a TrayMaster added to lines with a simple installation.