In-Line Labellers

MARCO’s latest range of twin-head labellers are easy-to-use, fully automated labelling systems ideal for ready meals and punnets. With a choice of three alternative settings, the twin-head labeller can fit seamlessly into any packing operation, comfortably and consistently labelling over 240 packs per minute. 

Mode 1: In ‘Single’ mode, the labeller will print and apply one label from each head, providing the operator with the option to apply two separate labels when both heads are activated.

Mode 2: ‘Auto Change Over’ mode is used when constantly running with no line stops. Applying a single label to each pack using only one of the label heads and automatically switching to the second head when this label reel runs out.

Mode 3: ‘High Speed’ mode utilizes both label heads sequentially to apply a label to alternate packs, allowing large print area production at very high speed – this allows the labeller to pack at over 240 packs per minute.