Drum Clearner

The Comac range of drum washers includes machines consisting of a different number of sections, depending on the line’s speed and the type of cleaning to be carried out.

The smallest machine has a useful length of 2 meters, one section and one lane, and performs a simple washing with water (hot or recovered). The next model, which can be 3 or 4 meters long, is designed to perform a first pre-wash with reclaimed water, a caustic wash to remove the inkjet code, and a final rinse with clean water.

These basic configurations can be augmented with additional sections to extend the pre-wash, drain the sprayed water from the first showers and retrieve the next, extend the caustic wash, add a high-pressure wash section if labels need to be removed, etc.

The drum washer can also be designed with two lanes in the case of high-capacity drum lines.