Top quality wine accepts just sound and ripe grapes. The new multi-frequency sorter DIONYSOS automatically removes all contaminants from the inlet stream and ensure the top quality grapes to the wine process, up to a capacity of 12 ton/hour.

Powered by the BLUEIGHT technology, it removes all contaminants such as:

– Rotten grapes, even if they have the same color as the good ones
– Stalks, leaves and, if requested, green grapes
– Any type of plastic, irrespective of the color
– Any kind of insect
– Dry grapes

By the Double Rejection System (air jet + air jet), the DIONYSOS can be configured as a 3WAY sorter to reject on a separate stream the dry grapes, usually addressed to 2nd quality wines. Avoiding the 2nd late fermentation due to the dry grapes this sorter helps keep the sugar level under control.